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LimeStone Walls

Limestone Walls are the most popular retaining walls in the Bunbury area. Limestones are very durable, sturdy, and flame-resistant. We specialize in building block or stacked limestone walls. Our services are guaranteed to be high-quality and delivered on time! Let us know how we can help you and we will be there!


Concrete sleepers are small systems that are built primarily to control soil retention. Typically, they are made of wood or metal but here at Bunbury Retaining Walls, we specialize in building sleepers out of concrete. It is much more durable and less expensive too! Call us today to get a FREE quote and start your next project.

Perimeter Walls

Retaining walls can also be used as a fencing system to protect your privacy. By installing a durable system around the perimeter of your property, you can be protected from external forces like home robbers and what nots. But it has to be done skillfully to assure durability. Let us handle that part for you!

Are you looking for affordable and professional retaining wall services? Call us today to get a FREE quote!