Maintanence Tips for Your Retaining Wall

If your area is prone to plenty of rain or can end up flooding a lot, then having a retaining wall is the best option for your property. More than protecting your soil from erosion and redirecting any water build-up, retaining walls can be both a functional and stylish addition to your landscape. With different options for its design and materials, a retaining wall can be a convenient investment to have. When you have it installed, however, like any other structure placed on your outdoor space, proper maintenance can help make it last as long as possible and prevent possible damages.

Tips for Retaining Wall Maintenance

Different methods of maintenance work for different kinds of structures. From a gentle cleaning to avoiding certain methods to avoid damage, each feature you can add to your home has different ways it can be kept. Some of the ways you can maintain your retaining walls are as follows:

Hold a Routine Inspection

There can be a point where your retaining wall ends up blending with the landscape and receive an overgrowth of plants if you are not careful. While it can be easy enough to work around plants, it is important to conduct a check-up on your retaining wall given the different elements it can face.

You will want to check for both cracks in the stones themselves, as well as gaps in the mortar between them if there is any. Other than this, you will watch out for bulges in the wall. If you notice that some sections are bowing out, then it means that the soil is shifting, and it could cause a breach sometime soon. Aside from this, a routine inspection can help deal with any issues before they grow.

Make Sure Drainage Has a Regular Cleaning

Depending on the location and structure of your retaining wall, you will need a proper drainage system to ensure proper prevention of soil erosion and water build-up. Given the different elements that can impact both the retaining wall back and drainage systems like mud, dirt, or other material that can build up over time, a regular check-up is advised. By clearing out your drainage, it can prevent possible clogs and keep a smooth system for draining.

Fill in Eroded Area/Empty Spots

Out of the different seasons that could impact your retaining wall, winter is the biggest one. In the aftermath of winter, there can be a number of different issues that could happen to your retaining wall, mainly depressions caused by water runoff and snowmelt. If you notice any of these during your inspection, you will want to replace them as soon as possible. Another option that you can do to help with this is to fill it with plants to help fortify soil structure and keep it compact and in place. Additional foliage and roots aid drainage and provide a safeguard against erosion.

Aside from the noted tips, there are many other ways to keep your retaining wall maintained and prevent possible issues. These include the removal of weeds, placing mulch on the back of the wall to help prevent erosion, and having all small damages patched as soon as possible. Depending on what type of retaining wall, there are different tips you can go for but it can also help to have a consultation.

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With Bunbury Retaining Walls, you can gain a quality service with open communication and a range of options to choose from. Whether you wish to know the best ways to maintain your retaining wall or need to know what best fits your outdoor space, Bunbury Retaining Walls can provide for you.


A retaining wall can be a convenient investment for an area that is prone to plenty of wet weather. While it can offer different options for style and can be a generally sturdy structure, there are different ways to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Some top maintenance tips you’ll want to remember including a routine inspection and making sure any erosion is dealt with quickly. Whatever type of retaining wall you decide on, there are plenty of tips to ensure its upkeep.

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