When to Repair or Replace Your Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a considerably beneficial structure to have for areas that prone to heavy rain or flooding. As a structure that is able to redirect water flow and prevent soil erosion, there is plenty to gain with it. Especially with the right material chosen for the structure. However, as durable as a retaining […]

Maintanence Tips for Your Retaining Wall

If your area is prone to plenty of rain or can end up flooding a lot, then having a retaining wall is the best option for your property. More than protecting your soil from erosion and redirecting any water build-up, retaining walls can be both a functional and stylish addition to your landscape. With different […]

Choosing the Right Retaining Wall Material

Installing a retaining wall in your outdoor space is something that you will want to be done if your area is prone to plenty of wet weather. Not only can it help maximize your landscape but it can help redirect water and prevent issues like soil erosion. When deciding on a retaining wall, you’ll find […]

Which is Better: Concrete or Timber Retaining Walls?

Are you having a hard time choosing between concrete or timber for your retaining wall material? Retaining walls are made to prevent soil erosion, prevent flood, and a lot more reasons. They also blend and enhance your property’s landscape. We normally want to use a material that is durable, long-lasting, and reliable. Two of the […]

Retaining Wall Ideas on a Budget

There are several materials to choose from when building a retaining wall. The material you will choose depends on the function and purpose. For example, if you only need a retaining wall for decorative purposes such as defining flower beds, you can opt for cheaper material. You should also consider certain factors in choosing the […]

When to Repair your Retaining Walls?

Are you starting to notice early signs of damage or problems in your retaining wall? The good thing is, most minor issues can be easily fixed without hiring a professional. However, if you notice a major issue like a failure in the drainage system, you might need a professional to check that for you.  There […]